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Nail Tips for Crazy Nail Freaks

Having beautiful hands and nails are a blessing. Girls put in extra effort in nail care since they know it discloses a part of their personality to others. After all, people should know how self caring we are and in a way inspire others to be the same. As kids we messed around with our mother’s make up and nail paints, little did we know that it would turn out to be an integral and important aspect of our beauty regimen and our strong personality? So in order to maintain and sustain that in the best possible manner we have gathered certain Nail Tips that everyone must follow to gain back that confidence and glamour. Since, protecting the nail beds and finger tips should be the first thing in your mind as it happens to be one of the most delicate parts of our body.

1. The lasting effect of vinegar

Yes! You can certainly make your nail paint last longer by using only vinegar. One can apply it on their bare nails before applying the color and see the magic it retains.

2. Salt bath helps you get rid of brittle nails

• You can soak your hands in the mixture of salt and water for around 15 minutes and see the winning results. You can finish the procedure by applying nice cuticle softener.

• For yellow nails one can try chamomile bath which proves to be helpful. Add chamomile blossom that is dry to little water and let it brew for 20 mins, you can then soak hands in it for another 15 mins. If you involve lemon in the mixture it promises you better results.

• Nail tips that help you get brighter and shinier nails involve use of hydrogen peroxide, glycerine and rose water. Once you mix all three you can easily apply it easily by using a cotton ball.

3. Jojoba oil for soft hands and aloe extract for crack on the nail beds are really powerful. They basically tend to give you happy hands which you can surely be proud of.

4. Nails are said to be doubly porous than the surface of the skin on your body. This makes it prone to easy breakage. Hence, it is recommended that you use certain hand creams for nails after washing it with soap or other chemical entity.

5. If anyone is really fond of long nails and are tired because it does not grow that fast then try the gelatine wonder. It boosts the growth of your nails also one can apply basecoat that consists gelatine as it is an essential ingredient of the nail polish.

6. Splitting nails? Calcium Deficiency is the reason. You can avoid it by maintaining a calcium rich diet that includes eggs, curd and milk.

7. In order to keep your nails really strong and healthy one must make use of hydrating crèmes of CF formulas which works best in the form of a conditioner.

8. If you are indulging yourself in household chores that involves scrubbing of dishes or use of certain chemicals then its best to use rubber gloves that are cotton-lined. It prevents nail chipping and protects it from chemicals.

9. Last but definitely an important one is, drink ample amount of water. Hydrating it by drinking water is the best way to go about it.

Following such Nail Tips will give you unimaginable results and make your nails look brighter and glossier that will ultimately improve your persona. Moreover, you can then decorate your healthy nails by using nail stamping plates and other various artistic things.

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