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GHD Straighteners – How to Tell Fake From Fabulous!

Real GHD straighteners will have a hologram sticker on the cord, allowing you to verify the product code on their website. There are other subtle differences you can look for when checking before you buy cheap GHDs – it will save you lots of money in the long run! The real GHDs come with between a 12-24 month warranty, however the fake ones obviously will not!

Here are some ways to verify if your straighteners are fake or fabulous….

  • Do they have plugs with reset buttons, like you would find on a hairdryer? If not, it may be a fake.
  • Are they made in China or Korea? If they’re made in China, watch out! The real deal are made in Korea.
  • Real GHD stylers will not have a hook on the cord to hang up your styler.
  • Real GHD stylers have domed screws, not flat headed screws.
  • The booklets that come with the GHD styler should have colored pictures. Some fake stylers have black and white pictures.
  • Check that 2 DVDs come with your straighteners. Sometimes a fake only has one.
  • Real GHD stylers have very strong, thick boxes. Fake styler boxes often come beat up and are slightly smaller.
  • Real GHD stylers have a date code on the inside of the body of the styler. It should have the year, month, then day.
  • Real GHD’s sensor lights are clear but will light up solid red when the are heating up, and subsequently flash red when ready to use and make a funny beep. Fake ones sometimes do not flash red or are solid red, and don’t flash

If you are buying online, make sure you buy them from a legitimate supplier, like amazon who often have good deals. If you are buying them second-hand (or from an individual seller) make sure you ask them before you pay any of your hard-earned money what the hologram code is. That way you can verify yourself if the styler is real or not.

If you do buy a fake, not only do you have no warranty on the product but it is actually a fire risk, and electricians don’t like to go near them. Your best bet is to buy genuine, at the best price you can find. If you do come across a fake ghd, you can report it to the ghd website so that sellers of fakes can be prevented from selling more.

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