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The Color Wheel State of Mind

This exquisite property of the mood rings which enables them to change colors; build curiosity & make them interesting and desirable. Mood rings have been proving existence for almost a decade now and will continue to enchant the users. The mood ring is made up of combination of metal and stone; this composition makes it durable and versatile for everyday use. The stone if filled with thermochromic property liquid which reflects light at different wavelengths giving it the change of color. It is usually available in the form of jewelry; so it attracts the impulse of women more than men.

The colors arbitrarily represent the state of mind and emotion of the person wearing it. As every individual has different physiological makeup the temperature change is also different thus affecting the color wheel. The ring when not in use reflects the black color as default. All other colors carry some sense of adjective feel and introduce the state of mind to tackle the situation effectively.

  • The black color to an extent represents some negativity; it means the person wearing it is stressed, overworked, tired or harassed.
  • The color white indicates confusion, boredom or frustration of the person wearing it.
  • The color grey not often seen on the ring represents the person being in anxious, afraid, sad, or exhausted state of mind.
  • The many shades of color green represent different meaning like person is in active state but relaxed; other shades reflect calm, peace & relaxed state; additionally reflect if feeling energetic, wandering in time and full of mixed emotions.
  • The color blue is the most occurring color on the ring; generally the color represents optimism, joy, happiness and peaceful state of mind. Its different shades mean deep thinking, feeling flirty, intense mood, calm, love, passion and feeling romantic.
  • The color purple shows that the person is feeling sensual but with clarity in mind. The person’s energy levels reflect tranquil, satisfaction & balance; in addition to passionate, sensual and romantic state of mind. A reddish tone in the shade of purple reflects anger, mood swing or desperate state of mind.
  • The color pink refers to being calm and in relaxed state of mind or feeling; whereas bright pink marks the person for feeling affectionate, loved and being happy.
  • The color red also comes in many shades generally reflecting passionate state of mind, excitement, energy and adventure. The deep red marks feeling of love, arousal & passion. Whereas the bright red depicts feelings of anger, adventure, excitement or terror.
  • The color orange marks the feeling of dare, stress and confusion. Whereas the dark orange represents worry, aggression and tensed state of mind.
  • The shades of color yellow relates to emotion of being imaginative, confused, upset, anxious, feeling poetic and deeply observing.
  • The color brown indicates scared, tensed, restless, mixed emotions, confused, stressed and aggravated state of mind. It reflects that the mind is wandering in time to be able to make decisions.

All these color meaning helps an individual to know their state of mind and thus react responsibly to balance and to get the most out of the situation. Overall the mood ring color meanings lets individual to react sensibly and tactfully. The mood rings have also become bold style statement where users are not worried about expressing their state of mind. However, the accuracy of mood ring colors meaning is still in question.

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