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How Skin Type Affects Which Make-Up Is Chosen for Women

Rather than do their own makeup and hair for the most important day of their lives, many women hire a hair stylist and make-up artist to handle those duties for her and the bridal party. Professional make-up artists are trained to choose the right products for her skin type and to help a woman's look beautiful. Here are some of the ways women's skin types affect which make-up products are chosen.

Basic Skin Types

There are five basic skin types among humans:

  • Normal
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Sensitive

There are products which can make each skin type look its best because they address the specific issues, including race, which affects a woman's skin. For instance, a professional make-up artist in a city with a large Asian population would know the best products to use for Asian wedding make-up. Knowing which products to apply prevents skin irritations, reddening, blemishes and other problems which could be appear on their skin and ruin a bride's wedding pictures.

Skin Issues and Make-up

The type of skin a woman has will affect which type of make-up is used because products can cause skin flare-ups. Women with normal skin, which has small pores and appears radiant, usually have few skin problems. They often require little make-up because they have such beautiful skin with which to work.

Combination skin can be more difficult as it contains elements of dry or normal and oily skin. The skin can appear shiny, especially in the "T-zone," which is the forehead, nose and chin, because it is oily. However, the rest of it may be dry or normal, so the make-up used on some portions of the face may have moisturizers in it, while the T-zone, the make-up may be oil-free and consist of more powder to help prevent shininess.

Women who have dry skin will usually have a moisturizer applied before the foundation is added to make sure their skin doesn't dry out even more. The make-up chosen may also contain moisturizers to help nourish the skin and hide visible lines, redness and make the complexion look brighter because it can tend to be dull. Oily skin types have the opposite problem as their skin can appear to be shiny, as if they are perspiring.

Make-up used for oily skin can help close the open pores and brighten a dull complexion or help cover its oily shine. Most of the make-up made for oily skin contains very little, if any, oils and most make-up artists will use powdered foundations before applying the other make-up. They will need to be careful what type of products are used on women with sensitive skin as they can irritate skin, cause it to be red and itchy or even feel as it is burning if the wrong products are applied.

Asian wedding make-up will usually consist of products for sensitive skin because it can be affected by chemicals in skin products. With help from the right make-up artist and a hair stylist, every woman can look beautiful for her wedding day.

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