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Best Ways To Repair Your Broken or Split Nails

Use Crazy Glue

These glues can be used to a split in your nails, or you can use to re-affix a broken off one. Use sparingly, as this glue makes a bond instantly and drips will harden into bumps on your nail. But you should remember that this active chemical can make your nails surface weak so apply carefully and avoid any unnecessary split into the surface of the nail. You can use a small amount to break, wiping the excess glue off by using a good quality remover if possible. If the broken part of the nail is getting separate from the base, slowly lift the broken part of the nail by using an orange stick and then apply the glue slowly to the both inside edges of the nail and then press the two peace’s together.

Special Mender Procedure

For most split and breaks it is strongly recommended the following method. It will work the best for you. You can go through the crazy glue or not; it depends on how bad the split or break is and how much extensive works your hands are needed to do. But the glue does not add strength to your patch. Here is the best mender procedure to protect your broken nails.

You should start with clean, oil-free as well as lotion free nails. If possible then use one of the nail mender kits which include fibrous paper and a nail mending liquid or you can also use tea bag paper. Now cut a strip of nail mender paper large enough so that it will able to cover your break and wrap under the tip of the nail. Now apply a coat of the liquid mender to the bare nail. Use the brush applicator provided, saturate the mender paper with the fluid. Then it is the time to apply saturated paper to the break. Wrap it very smoothly as you can by using an orange stick. Now give it some time and make it dry and reapply a coat of nail mender liquid. Let it dry and again repeat the finger smoothing process. This will give you a smooth nail with a hard surface. If the break is huge, you have to repeat the full process with an additional piece of mending paper that you place in the opposite direction of the first.

Use Cotton and Other Patches

A small piece of rolled cotton at the sides and tucked under the nail offers even best strength than nail mender paper but paper is harder to apply by yourself. Some manicurists also recommend fine handkerchief linen, tea bag paper or coffee filter paper. The process mentioned above can be used with any of these. Silk wraps are also a good available option. These have adhesive backs and so are easier to apply. Although silk wraps have had a bad rap option for years.

Emergency Repair

If you split a nail and don’t have mender or paper, then you can go through the crazy glue to the split. Then saturate a little piece of facial tissue with a base coat of clear polish. Now apply it to your nails, as above. It will hold your nails till you can use one of the stronger aids. Another good way is mending tape. If you are in a hurry then no need to do extensive works for your nails. Just cover your break by using mending tape. Your nail enamel colour will show through it.

This method mentioned above can help you repair your broken or split nails. Use the tricks and suggest to your friends.

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