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Get Your Girl Back With the Principle of Scarcity

There is an old saying that goes something like this…”To those that have…more shall be given”. I don’t know if those are the exact words but the principle is the same. Scarcity is a Powerful Proven Persuasion technique and one that can be effectively used to help get your ex back.

As well, when people are clearly uncertain or still questioning the course of action they want to take, they look to others for Social Proof. And combined with Scarcity or the thought o truly losing you, the persuasive power is doubled.

First off, I am assuming that you and the one you were with have parted ways. Probably not your idea, or you wouldn’t be here looking for ways to get them back. If so you are not likely to think this is something you want to do yet rest assured it can be effective…and at the same time good for your own mental health.

You’ve decided you want your loved one back but they will have nothing to do with you. So… instead of sitting there and pining away, anguishing over what they are doing or who they are with: get out and go on a date!


Now notice. I did not say run around bedding everyone you think you can. Nor did I say rebound and fall in love with someone etc. I said date. Find other people and go out. Have fun. Take your mind off of your current desire to get back with your ex.

Now there are a couple of points that are important to note here. First be ethical and honest about your reasons for dating. Make sure the other person knows you are just looking to get out and have some fun and meet some new people. You are not looking for a long-term relationship.

Second, in order to be effective your ex has at some point to be aware of the fact that you are dating. Otherwise, there is no impact on their decision or desire to have you back.

So here they have a situation where, if they are undecided about your future, the fact they could lose you will help move them back towards you. And the fact that you are dating others means that if others are finding you attractive and fun to be with then maybe there is something they have missed or need to look at again.

So if you want to get your ex back, and they are still uncertain or not in your life, get out and date. It will increase your desirability in their eyes and at the same time…it can’t hurt your your ego and mental health to be seen with other attractive people.

Here’s to moving from Breakup to Makeup.

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