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Indulge in Melt-Proof Beauty This Monsoon!


The very first thing to take care of during your monsoon marriage is to keep your face smear-free always – hence, the basic routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing becomes more essential – use season-specific products for better results. This also makes way for smoother application of the base for a flawlessly done makeup. In rainy-weather, the base should be the one that provides full-coverage, not looks heavily decked-up; and is waterproof and long-lasting as well; so that your face stays shine free all-day-long. So, opt for base-sticks or heavy mousses as a great base for your bridal-do – that’ll eventually compliment your pastel makeup too!


Avoid contouring with cream-based products; instead, use powder-ones to make them stay longer on your cheeks. Also, using pastel colored blushers can endow a softer and natural flush on your face. For bronzing during this season, make sure you don’t depend on mineralized bronzers – a matte-deep chocolate bronze emerge as a safe bet, which serves the purpose perfectly. This will certainly chisel your face out and make the features appear sharper; while also giving you a perfect jaw-line to flaunt. Highlighting should be completely avoided, as the pleasurable season in itself provides a subtle sheen on the bride’s face!


Smokey eyes are passé. Therefore, this monsoons aim for softer set of peepers using subtle shades and lighter tones. Even the bridal trousseaus is marking a huge change in the color trends Рpeaches, baby pinks, soft, yellows and sky blues are the in-thing for a cloudburst wedding; hence the eye makeup should be no less Рbut matching too! Wearing pastel shades are suggested, as they go quite well with brown eyes and wheatish skin-tone of an Indian Bride. Follow this up by using a gel-based liner that is long-lasting and waterproof Рbest suited for the downpour. For pastel-do, a softer look is much preferred over the bold one Рhence, smudging the liner out is suggested to accomplish the same.


Glosses should completely take a back seat while it rains and matte should become a bride’s best friend in the meanwhile. A perfectly painted pout in bold/neon shades is a ‘beauty’ to look at!. To bring out the sexy in you pick a hot pink, poppy orange or divine red shade that suits you to complete your pastel-hued bridal-makeup. Seal the look with a mist spray and be ready for the most important affair of your life!

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