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Fat Cells Stick Around

You can gain fat cells, but the problem is that you can’t lose them. Yes, you can shrink them, but they stick around forever in your body. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to gain the weight back if you’re not careful once you have those fat cells. Someone who has never gained that fat automatically has an easier time not gaining weight.

Harder to Stay Lean With More Fat Cells

A slim person has an easier time staying lean than someone who is or has been obese. Although an obese person can become quite lean, it will always be harder work for them to maintain a smaller size than a person who has stayed slim. Avoiding putting on those excess fat cells in the first place is the best way to stay lean and trim. There’s just not a lot of room for mistakes in diet or workout for someone with excess fat cells.

Don’t Bulk Up and Build Fat Cells

Increasing your fat cells on purpose by “bulking up” just makes it harder in the long run for you to maintain a lean and trim body. Even if you are a bodybuilder. A person who does bulk up, can get lean again, but it’s very easy for that person to put on excess fat again because those fat cells just never go away. Maintaining is difficult, and people who quickly gain excess body fat will always gain fat more easily. Some bodybuilders struggle and gain large amounts of weight quickly after the rigors of a competition end. Staying lean while you build up your muscle is the best way to go, it makes maintenance much, much easier.

Even if You Have Been Overweight, Stay Positive About Staying Lean

It’s true that it will be harder for you to stay lean if you’ve been overweight. But, following a good workout and eating plan makes it very attainable. Strategies like “cardio workouts on an empty stomach” will ensure that you burn more body fat. Don’t use the excuse that it’s too tough, work hard and the results will show.

Avoid Adding Excess Body Fat and it’s Easier to Stay Lean

If you avoid adding excess body fat in the first place, it is so much easier to stay lean. Those around you will marvel at your amazing metabolism, but your committed plan of working out and eating right will be the real secret. Keep on top of keeping in shape-never let yourself get more than 10 pounds out of shape, and staying lean will be simple.

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