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Cinderella, Dress For Success!

In the phenomenal bestselling book by Victoria Beckham, “That Extra Half An Inch!” Victoria shares the dramatic situation surrounding her introduction to the world of fashion! Within this account she illustrates the need to dress appropriately for the occasion!

The Spice Girls had been preparing for six weeks in the south of France for their first ever stadium show. In the midst of their tight schedule, Victoria reveals that she was suddenly invited to her first ever fashion show in, of all places, Milan!

Finding herself on the front row of one of the most prestigious catwalk shows in the world, she states, “…the world felt as magical (and unlikely) as Cinderella finding herself at the ball.”

Her fairy godmother was, none other than, Donatella Versace, who had also invited her to the party afterwards. Then, to stay the night at her outstanding palazzo on Lake Como.

Victoria commented about the situation, “Of course, Cinderella Spice could hardly turn up in her little black Miss Selfridge dress…”

As fate would have it, Donatella had thought of everything. Victoria was escorted to the Versace shop and given the instruction that “I could choose whatever I wanted.”

Victoria concluded about the event, “…this was the first time I had ever been that close to the fashion world, and it was like the fuse of a firework had been lit.”

We may not have the same story to tell as former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. However, it is my wish for each of you to develop a greater desire for fashion and a passion to dress for success! Why? Dressing for success will give each of us greater confidence, contacts and crowds, leading to broader opportunities and richer life experiences!

Greater Confidence

When discussing clothing, we may argue, “It’s what’s inside that really counts.” This is true but the eyes of men and women look on the surface before they ever find out what’s inside. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we either see a professional or a novice. This is initially determined by what we are wearing.

We live in a world where we must sell our image before we can sell our products or enter into higher business relationships. To do that, we must believe in ourselves. If we don’t believe that we are winners, nobody else will. Dressing appropriately for occasions will elevate our self-image and our confidence.

If you don’t have loads of money like Donatella Versace, start with buying just one nice business suit or outfit. Use it for important occasions and you will feel successful when it counts.

It’s amazing how much more capable people feel when they are dressed nicely rather than looking shabby. Confident people gain the confidence of those around them. Victoria Beckham, in Milan, would have certainly felt more confident and beautiful in her Versace outfit than her little black dress!

It’s true, clothes don’t make you, but they will certainly build your confidence, leading to greater self-worth and more pleasurable life experiences!

Greater Contacts

It’s important for you to spend time with people who are wealthier than you. Dressing for Success opens doors for you to mix with a more affluent circle of influence!

Many years ago when I discovered the principle of building my net worth I purposely got to know people who had more money than I did. I still do this today! They continually challenge me to rise up to a greater level!

Look at the people you are friends with. If you are the wealthiest person in your circle you will find that you may not be growing to a new level financially. Each of us needs contacts that are ahead of us to spur us on!

Why not go out and get a wealthy friend. Not because you are hoping that they’ll bail you out of your present financial crisis. Get a wealthy friend to teach you some financial sense. Then you can bail yourself out of your crisis!

If you don’t know where to meet wealthy people go to a chamber of commerce city meeting, buy a ticket to a charity event, get involved in a business breakfast, a toastmasters function, go to exclusive clothing stores, or research using the internet. You’ll find someone if you explore! When you go to an event, make sure you are well dressed. Your clothing will be the first (and quickest) step to helping you fit in.

One of the most wonderful things about hanging around wealthy people is gaining greater insight and wisdom. I firmly believe that if I can learn from someone else’s mistakes then I can avoid unnecessary setbacks. This saves me time, effort, money and preserves my self-esteem. Success rubs off! If you spend time with a wealthy friend you will begin to see, speak, think and act like a wealthy person.

Successful people have success stories to share, just like Victoria Beckham, who met Donatella Versace and was inspired to another level of living! She now has her own clothing line!

Advice has great value if it comes from someone who is more successful than ourselves. You can learn about what’s hot on the market, what’s making money and what’s booming. You never know when you will suddenly make a great contact, as you are dressed for success. Amazing opportunities may even come your way! If you look the part, others will be more likely to include you in their circle of success to influence your life!

Greater Crowds

Dressing for success allows others to believe in you and follow you. Victoria Beckham has emerged as a “true girl’s girl” – GLAMOUR

People want to follow someone who looks like they have clear direction and are heading somewhere. If you want to attract a crowd you need to look the part. So invest in some nice clothes! If you don’t know what to get or where to shop, find someone who looks good and ask them for help. It will pay off for you many times over.

Other areas to address for success

Each of us can find areas to improve. You may need to change your hairstyle, makeup, briefcase, accessories, etc. Some of you look nice but should improve your table manners. Others would benefit greatly from learning to become an active listener.

I’ve watched people who know very little about making money or becoming successful, get around wealthy people and dominate the conversation. This is merely the result of nervous tension! When they overpower others, it gives the impression that they are foolish. Remember that those who listen are perceived to be wise!

I believe that Victoria Beckham may have felt some discomfort upon meeting Donatella Versace and being thrust into her fashion circle! I also believe that she faced the situation with poise and preparation! I hope this brief discussion has helped you to focus on preparing for your personal Cinderella encounter!

As you begin to dress for success you will experience greater confidence, contacts and crowds! This will gain the attention of those around you, leading to more significant success and richer life experiences!

Questions to ask yourself

1. Do I dress successfully? Ask someone you know!

2. How can I change my appearance to look more successful?

3. Who do I know who is very wealthy?

4. How can I begin to spend more time around wealthy people?

5. Do I have impeccable table manners?

6. Am I able to listen and not dominate conversations, especially when I feel uncomfortable?

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