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Water-Proof Jutis and a Travel Friendly Face Wash: Survival Skills for the Wet Weather

However, the monsoons also bring along their own sets of problems and headaches. Running and streaking mascara to wet clothes, when you need to be somewhere, trudging through the slick weather can be a difficult task. Here are some basic survival tips that can make the weather enjoyable and not stressful-

Water Proof Shoes

The moisture and water during the rains can be very harmful to your feet. From soggy skin to a breeding ground for infections, taking care of your feet in this weather is very important. But just because you are anticipating rainfall does not mean you can give up on being fashionable. Look at Jutis – for the Rainy season available online.

These weather ready shoes can not only help you make a fashion statement but are the perfect way to keep your feet protected from the puddles of water around. They come in a variety of styles making them the perfect way to enjoy this weather, without compromising on comfort.

A Good Liner

A liner not only contours your eyes but can also highlight your face and make your features appear enhanced. Invest in one good water-proof eye liner in black if you do not wish to buy an entire range of expensive make up products. This can be carried around and applied quickly in case of emergencies and will not leave your face streaking in the middle of an important meeting. Go minimalistic with the makeup as less will be more in this season. Just a simple water proof liner along with a light shade of lip colour can look much better than the whole nine yards.

A Change of an Outfit

If you do not have the time to come home and get ready, make sure you carry a change of an outfit as a lot can go wrong in this weather. From slipping in an unfortunate puddle to waiting for a ride in the pouring rain, when you need to go somewhere, looking presentable is a must. Even a simple change of shoes can change the way your outfit looks. Instead of squeaky plastic shoes that do not even match your outfit, carry a pair of gladiators or bellies you could change into. This will uplift your look and feel comfortable at the same time!

A Compact Sized Face Wash

If you do not have a go to product that you carry around, make it a travel friendly face wash. This product that can be easily carried around will help your face look fresh instead of worn and tired. Whether you are going for a movie or somewhere fancy, if you do not have the time to reapply make up, your face wash will help you bring your inner beauty out.

A Rain Coat

Not just a windcheater, but a nice long rain coat is an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. The average neon wind cheaters will protect you from the rain just fine, but when you want to appear smart and sophisticated, the investment made in a sleek rain coat will pay off. These coats protect you from top to bottom as well as make you look poised.

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