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Less is More

Prepare yourself to let go of any kind of accessories, embellishments or any kind of decoration and always remember those well recognized words: less is more. Monochromatic design is essential in this simple but elegant trend, in front of prints or acid colors, there will always be pieces made for …

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Planning a Wedding – Fun Or Aggravation?

So many books are written, thousands of articles are published, endless blogs are overpowering the net, new trends are set every day, thousands of ads of wedding services are listed; Where do we go? How do we select? How do we make a decision which wedding professional would be the …

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Choose the Best Eyebrow Kit for You

When you are purchasing an eyebrow kit for yourself, you have to make sure that the products supplied in the kit are capable of shaping the eyebrow that you want. In order to make sure that it can, you would have to evaluate all of the products in the kit …

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The Possession Of Wholesale Nail Polish

When it comes to buying wholesale nail polish, you get a bunch of brilliant shades in reasonable rates altogether. When women think of all the glitter and colors they can fill their life with, it’s nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. And when they finally come across the heavenly varieties …

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Proceed With Caution

Don’t be fooled. Everything that glitters is not gold, and everything that sparkles is not diamond so hold true every person that professes to be a trained beauty professional is not. In this two part article you will learn how to navigate the REAL BEAUTY INDUSTRY, and keep yourself healthy …

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Timeless Trend of Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts embraces a timeless fashion trend since the time it was introduced in 1909 by a famous hair dresser Antonine in Paris. Though the cut was not popular for few years but in 1920s the popularity was escalated to great heights to symbolize the freedom enjoyed by women. Since …

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Eco-Friendly Cosmetics: Rapidly Changing the Beauty Industry

Worth noting is the new relationship the public has with brands and corporations. Unlike in previous generations, consumers are now more curious, more skeptical, and are notably grasping for some semblance of autonomy. This is an insight into the next generation- the conscious consumer- one who’s ready to question whether …

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