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Do You Have What it Takes to Win a Beauty Pageant?

Beauty pageants are considered to be one prestigious event a woman could be into. Aside from having the chance to get the crown, you will also be able to showcase your beauty, intelligence and skill for everyone to see. However, winning a beauty pageant is not that simple and there …

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An Ancient Egyptian Guide To Beauty

Makeup and cosmetic products are far from being a recent invention. For centuries, men as well as women have been looking for ways to enhance their appearance using cosmetics. The Ancient Egyptians were innovative thinkers that made a massive contribution to mankind with inventions that are still in use to …

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What Colors Should I Wear for an Honest Effect

Did you know that some colors can make you look honest, dependable and trustworthy? Before we go down that road, however, it’s important for you to ask yourself, “What colors should I wear?” You will need to identify your own best colors – those that harmonize perfectly with your skin …

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The Universe Of Glitter Nails Is Waiting For You

Each one of you certainly wants to be at their very best. Well the vast spectrum of glitter world has given you the chance to prove yourself at each step. Today, it's not only the glitterati fans that are making the most of this opportunity but ordinary ladies too have …

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Exciting Bits of Information and Trivia About Jewelry

Gold jewellery was first used in Egypt, way back around the year 3000 BC. Gold invariably happened to be the preferred metal for making jewelry during ancient times. So what is it that makes gold the preferred metal for making jewelry for nearly five millennia? Gold does have some amount …

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How Skin Type Affects Which Make-Up Is Chosen for Women

Rather than do their own makeup and hair for the most important day of their lives, many women hire a hair stylist and make-up artist to handle those duties for her and the bridal party. Professional make-up artists are trained to choose the right products for her skin type and …

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How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

This is an era of fashion and fashion is very influential to our lives. In fact, it adds diversity to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were supposed to dress up and …

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Venezuela Fashion

Fashion is an integral part of the people of Venezuela. The country has always been associated with a great fashion sense and has seen many legendary beauties in the beauty pageants. Venezuelan fashion is known to be exotic and unique, making it an important feature of world fashion market. All …

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Hot Handbags

Big is in With gadgets getting smaller it's interesting that the hottest trend in handbags is "the bigger the better." Is it our our mobile lifestyles-the need to have essentials (ie, emergency sewing kit, makeup bag, mouthwash, Blackberry, personal hygiene items, cell phones, etc.) within reach at all times? Or, …

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